Terms and Conditions

Twain Harte Rentals Vacation Rental Agreement

Arrival and Departure: Check-in time is 4:00 pm. Check-out time is 11:00 am.

Office Hours: 9:00am-3:00pm Monday-Friday,

Quiet Hours: 10:00pm to 8:00am – please note that noise carries easier and further in higher elevations.

Hot Tub: Hot Tub hours are from 8:00am to 10:00pm

Emergencies: For after hour emergencies call 209-533-8061. *We DO NOT respond to non-emergency after-hours calls. Any non-emergency call will result in a $50 fee to your credit card. Internet is not an after-hours emergency.

Rental Payment: An initial deposit is due at the time of booking your reservation. 60 days prior to arrival, full payment becomes due. Visa and Mastercard Credit Cards and Debit Cards, and Checks are acceptable forms of payment. Upon the date full payment is due, the card on file will be automatically processed.

Damage Insurance / Security Deposit: Twain Harte Rentals offers Vacation Rental Damage insurance from CSA Travel Protection. This insurance covers up to $1500 of damages.

In the event that accidental damage has occurred, Call our office immediately to report damage, 209-586-5204.

In lieu of purchasing this insurance, you do have the option of paying a security deposit, in the amount of $500.

Vacation Rental Damage Protection: As a part of your stay, you may purchase a Vacation Rental Damage Protection plan, designed to cover unintentional damages to the rental unit (interior) that may occur during your stay, provided they are disclosed to management prior to check-out. If purchased, the policy will pay a maximum benefit up to the policy limit shown on the confirmation. Any damages that exceed the policy limit or are not covered under the plan, will be charged to the credit card on file. If, during your stay at one of our rental properties, an insured person causes any damage to real or personal property of the unit as a result of inadvertent acts or omissions, the Insurer will reimburse the Insured for the cost of repair or replacement of such property up to a maximum benefit of the policy limit. Certain terms and conditions apply. Full details of the Vacation Rental Damage coverage are contained in the Description of Coverage or Insurance Policy www.vacationrentalinsurance.com/g20vrd. The Vacation Rental Damage plan can be purchased up to, and including at, check-in. By submitting payment for this plan, you authorize and request CSA Travel Protection and Insurance Services to pay directly Twain Harte Rentals, any amount payable under the terms and conditions of the Vacation Rental Damage. Please contact Twain Harte Rentals directly if you do not wish to
participate in this assignment.

Cancellation Policy/ Cancellation fee: If cancellation is made more than 60 days of arrival, a cancellation fee of $95 will be applied. If the cancellation is made within 30-60 days there is a 50% cancellation fee plus $95, cancellations made less than 30 days of arrival are nonrefundable. If you booked via Airbnb, your stay is subject to their cancellation policy.

Holding Over: Occupant agrees there shall be no holding over or late departure without prior approval. Check out time is 11:00am. Any unauthorized holding over by occupant shall be subject to a charge 1.5 times the daily prorated rent, plus any additional damages incurred including, but not limited to, the cost of alternate housing for guests displaced by occupant’s holding over. Late check-outs will be charged 50% of the holdover rate.

Unavailability: If for any reason beyond the control of the Owner or Owner’s Representative, the premise is unavailable, Owner or Owner’s Representative may substitute a comparable unit or cancel this Agreement and refund to renter any payments made. During the global COVID-19 pandemic, a cancellation fee may apply.

Rules, Regulations, No Commercial Use: Occupant agrees to comply with any and all rules and regulations, which are at any time posted on the premise or given to the occupant. Occupant shall not (i) disturb, annoy, endanger, or interfere with other occupants of the building in which premise located or its neighbors; (ii) use the premise for any commercial or unlawful purposes including, but not limited to: using, manufacturing, selling, storing, or transporting illicit drugs or other contraband; (iii) violate any law or
ordinance; or (iv) infractions will result in eviction and forfeiture of any and all Rental Fees. Absolutely NO Weddings or large planned events. If such an event takes place, it will result in eviction and forfeiture of any and all Rental Fees. A $1000 fine will be imposed if an event is held without permission, in this home or on the premises.

Kitchen: All kitchens are equipped with basic cooking and eating utensils for the number of guests the home sleeps. Please do not adjust the refrigerator setting- leave on normal- turning temperature down to max cold will cause the unit to turn off.

Fireplace & Wood stoves: Open the damper before starting any fire. Utilize fireplace/wood stove screens and doors to ensure that red-hot embers do not fall or pop out. DO NOT leave fire unattended at any time. DO NOT clean the fireplace or woodstove. FIREWOOD IS NOT GUARANTEED IN ANY OF OUR UNITS. Owners are not required to supply firewood. Firewood can be purchased
at local markets or call our office for information on delivery.

Phone: Most homes do not have land lines. Homes with land lines—Local calls can be made at no charge.

Entry: The Owner and Owner’s Representative and agents have the right to enter the premise, upon reasonable notice, to verify Occupant has complied with the terms of this Agreement, or in case of emergency. Hot Tub maintenance may occur during your stay.

Joint and Individual Obligations: If there is more than one occupant, each one shall be individually and completely responsible for the performance of all obligations under this Agreement, jointly and individually with every other occupant. Occupant(s) is renting the premise from Owner who retains full legal, possessory and access rights.

Furnishings/Electronics: Every property is comfortable and tastefully furnished, ready for your carefree stay. Most units have color TV, washer/dryer, dishwasher, and microwave, unless otherwise noted. Some properties have blu rays, VCRs, DVDs, and stereo. If you move any furnishings or unplug any electronics or TV hook ups, please replace the way you found it. In the event
any furnishings are moved, or electronics are reconfigured during your stay, and require a technician’s repair, guest(s) will be
responsible for any incurred costs. If furniture is moved, there will be a $200 charge to put items back where they belong.

No Smoking: All our properties are non-smoking in the home. If any evidence of smoking is found, occupants will be 100% liable for any cleaning or damages resulting from smoking in the home or on premises. If an occupant chooses to smoke outside, please keep doors closed and pick up after yourself and dispose of all cigarettes in the trash bin. Twain Harte is in a high fire hazard area, so be cautious if you are going to smoke outside.

Pet policy: Pets are allowed at a majority of our homes. If you plan to bring a pet or service animal, please confirm you are reserving a pet friendly property before booking. Most pet friendly homes allow one dog only, unless pre-approved in writing and we require that you choose the CSA damage protection plan. If you bring a dog, pet, or undisclosed service animal to a non-pet friendly home, you will be asked to vacate the home immediately and no refunds will be given. Violation of these conditions will result in a $500 fee plus costs of carpet cleaning, extra cleaning and any damages caused by the animal.

Twain Harte Lake: Properties with Twain Harte Lake access require tickets for access and ticket cost is at occupant expense. We will submit your name and reservation date but there are no guarantees. Guests agree to abide by Twain Harte Lake rules. Local lakes may be closed after Labor Day Weekend. Twain Harte Rentals and Owners are not liable in the event that any amenities are closed due to repairs or other unexpected circumstances.

Parking: When snow removal conditions exist, parking is NOT permitted on public streets. This could result in tow-a-ways and/or fines. Snow plowing services and walkway clearance is not provided.

Keys: All keys must be returned to the lockbox at checkout. The fee for lost keys is $25.00 per key.

Be sure you do not leave personal property in any unit.

Retrieval will result in a $25.00 handling fee, as well as shipping costs. Neither Owner nor Owner’s representative will be responsible for personal property left behind or lost during stay. If property is not claimed within 30 days, it will be disposed of and may be contributed to a local charity.

Trash: We would appreciate it if you would bag & dispose of your trash in an appropriate Waste Management receptacle. Do not leave your trash outside.

Housekeeping/ Maintenance: Any missing items, or extra cleaning, plumbing issues, or damage caused by carelessness will be charged to the guest and may also result in additional fees equal to 1 to 1.5 times the daily rate. Housekeeping does NOT include washing dishes, emptying the refrigerator, cleaning BBQ, and cleaning oven. These remain the responsibility of the Occupants. If the Cabin is left exceedingly dirty or flooring stained etc., there may be an additional cleaning charge incurred. Twain Harte Rentals will provide one roll of toilet paper in each bathroom and one roll of paper towels in the kitchen. Twain Harte Rentals recommends Occupant comes prepared with additional paper products.

ALL CABINS are privately owned, furnished, and equipped for the Occupant’s enjoyment. Pillows and some blankets are provided.

Hot tubs: If the home you rented has a hot tub, all hot tubs are on a regular professional service schedule, to maintain cleanliness and usability. Hot tubs are checked prior to your arrival to make sure they are operational. We make every effort to make sure they are ready for your use, but they are prone to having operational issues. Hot tub rules of use are posted at the property and in the home binder including maximum occupancy, children are not to be left unattended, use at your own risk, and more so please review prior to using the hot tub.

Fire Pits/Camp Fire Use: Per county, Forest Service, and Fire Protection District regulations- no campfires, fire pits or other open wood-burning fires are allowed at any home, unless the fire is in a gas operating fire pit. The local fire district or forest service may prohibit the use of ANY and ALL open flames, including propane and gas fire pits/ outdoor fireplaces, during red flag weather conditions. Check for current red flag conditions.

BBQ’s: Many of our owners provide basic BBQ supplies including propane. However, we do not guarantee that your cabin will come equipped with propane, charcoal, or lighter fluid. Please come prepared or check in with us ahead of time. The local fire district or forest service may prohibit the use of ANY and ALL BBQ’s, including propane and gas grills, during red flag weather conditions. Check for current red flag conditions.

Tenants/Occupants Release of Liability: Occupants to hold owners and agents and rental agency free and clear of any liability for damage to self or property, resulting from accident or injury, or loss of enjoyment due to: power outages, water turn off, rain or snowstorms, road closures or construction, sun, flood, negligence, defective construction, fire, theft, inoperable appliances,
equipment, or hot tub/spas. We cannot guarantee the internet, etc. Twain Harte Rentals will take all the possible steps to
see that all house equipment is in working order.

The person contracting this Agreement is responsible for ALL guest actions in/on property. The homeowner is not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while guests are on the Premises or in the available facilities. The homeowner is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables belonging to guests. By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the Premises or others whom they invite to use the

No illegal activity shall take place on or around the Premises. Amongst others, this includes: underage drinking, vandalism, using banned substances etc. If illegal activity is discovered, you may be immediately asked to vacate the property and no refund shall be given.

By hitting Agree on this Agreement, I have read and fully agreed to all of the terms of this Agreement and all of the above policies. To sign this Agreement, we also require the Occupant to be 25 years of age or older. By hitting Agree you are confirming that you are 25 years of age or older.

I am providing my credit card number as a guarantee of payment. I agree to pay all rent and charges related to this Agreement, including all liability for rent and charges related to the property rental, as well as any damage or cleaning costs beyond normal wear and tear during the term of this Agreement. I understand that these costs will be charged to my credit card, and I authorize Twain Harte Rentals to charge my credit card for payment of these items.

I understand and agree I will be required to sign the contract, or my reservation may be canceled.

We reserve the right to charge your credit card for any violation of this rental agreement.